Terms of Business

A. All agreements relating to the services supplied by 780 Coaching to the Pupil are subject to these Terms to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.
B. The Contract shall be formed (and these Terms deemed accepted by you) upon placing an application with 780 Coaching and paying the Fee(s).
C. No variation or addition to the Terms shall be binding on either party unless agreed in writing by 780 Coaching and the Parent.
2 | TERM
A. The Contract shall commence from the date you accept these Terms (as in clause 1.B above) and shall terminate in accordance with clause 9 below i.e. when the services offered have been completed (i.e the Course’s duration has expired) and/ or the parties cease to be contractually bound by these Terms.
A. A booking must be made direct with 780Coaching before any children can attend a course.
B. 780 Coaching reserve the right to not accept a child without prior arrangement/bookings if the course is deemed to be full with maximum numbers reached.
C. Bookings can be made in person, by post or through our secure website only. Once a booking is received if requested a confirmation letter will be sent to you via email or post.
D. 780 Coaching courses are generally booked for an allocated number of weeks and these dates will be specific to the booking but may be interchangeable with other courses at the discretion of 780 Coaching.
E. If a pupil misses a weekly session (for whatever reason) that week will not be credited and they shall not be entitled to a free week in lieu.
F. All bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis and 780 Coaching shall not be liable or responsible should there be no availability for the pupil to attend a course.
G. It is Parent or Carer’s responsibility to ensure that the contact details provided on the Application Form are correct (this is not the responsibility of 780 Coaching).
H. All Bookings are non- transferrable, unless specifically agreed in writing by 780 Coaching.
A. The Fee(s) payable for each application will be specified on the 780 Coaching website and shall be as stated prior to the submission of your order and the Application Form.
B. Subject to your chosen payment option, all fee(s) shall be payable immediately and in advance of any course. If payment is not received children will not be formally enrolled on to the course and may be unable to attend (subject to clause 3.B above).
C. You must pay the fee(s) by submitting either cash or cheque with your application or by completing our secure online booking form (please be aware there is a £1.50 admin charge to online bookings)
A. The Pupil/Carer/Parent should make their own travel arrangements to and from any 780 Coaching course.
B. The Parent/Carer is responsible for ensuring the pupil attends the course at the agreed location in good time prior to the commencement of the course.
C. 780 Coaching is not responsible for ensuring the pupil attends the course nor are they expected to make, arrange, deliver or pay for travel for the pupil to and from the course.
D. 780 Coaching reserves the right to exclude or refuse any pupil from participating in any courses at any time. If a pupil repeatedly detracts from the objectives of the course and threatens the enjoyment and safety of others, the Parents of Carer will be contacted and will be asked to remove that individual. A refund shall not be payable in these circumstances.
E. Unacceptable behaviour (which includes swearing, bullying, name calling, physical harm) will not be tolerated by 780 Coaching and if pupils do not behave appropriately clause 5.D (above) will be invoked and followed.
A. The location of any course will be displayed in advance of it running either on the application form, website or confirmation letter.
B. 780 Coaching will endeavour to deliver the course at the displayed location and on the date(s) specified in the confirmation letter, unless exceptional circumstances or events beyond reasonable control prevent from doing so.
C. The 780 Coaching duty of care towards children (including the pupil) who are attending a course will commence fifteen minutes before each course session, provided that the Parent/Care /guardian/authorised collector has notified us of their attendance. The duty of care ceases at the end of each session, at which time it reverts back Parent/Carer/guardian/authorised collector
A. You have a ‘right to cancel’ an order prior to the course commencing and may receive a refund of monies paid provided that no services have been performed.
B. Where the course has started and you later decide you wish to cancel the contract you will not be entitled to a refund but you may be entitled to a credit note equivalent to the value of any part of the course which has not yet been performed.
C. In the event of a school closing and/or a course session being cancelled due to adverse weather, the Company shall not be held responsible and no refunds will be issued.
D. If 780 Coaching choose to cancel a course then a full refund will be issued.
E. All refunds shall be made within 28 days of notification.
F. All credit notes are given at the discretion of 780 Coaching and are nontransferable.
A. Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Company’s negligence, 780 Coaching will not by reason of any representation, implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law or under the express terms contained herein, be liable for any losses indirect, special or consequential losses, damages, costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the company’s servants or agents or otherwise) in connection with the performance of its obligations under the contract or with the use by the pupil of the services supplied.
B. The company shall not be liable to the pupil or be deemed to be in breach of the contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of the company’s obligations if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the company’s reasonable control. Except in unusual or exceptional circumstances, we expect any losses to be limited to the charges for the Courses.
C. The Parent shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all loss (including loss of profit), liability, costs and expenses which the Company shall incur directly or indirectly as a consequence of any action or inaction of the Parent, the Carer or the Pupil.
The Data Protection Act requires us to advise you that after applying for a course your particulars are held on our database. We use your personal data for the provision of our services to you and for related purposes including: updating and enhancing pupil records, analysis to help us manage our practice, statutory returns and legal and regulatory compliance.

Policy for work with Children and Young People

In all our work with young people the 780 COACHING Management Committee and staff, are committed to providing a safe and creative environment for the nurture and care of children and young people.
Every child or young person who uses 780 COACHING and who comes into contact with a staff member or volunteer ought to feel safe, valued and secure, and 780 COACHING
will take all necessary steps to ensure that this is so.
No staff member or volunteer shall work with children or young people in the 780 COACHING unless they have provided 780 COACHING with up to date certificates to include DBS check and Safeguarding.
780 COACHING recognises that ‘the welfare of the child’ is the principle obligation under The Children Act 1989. To this end, Staff and Management Committee of 780 COACHING will co-operate fully with statutory agencies in cases of alleged abuse. Any report of, or suspicion of, abuse will be treated according to guidelines which require the authorities to be informed. Keeping information ‘in confidence’ when a child or young person is, or may be, in an abusive, dangerous or frightening situation is unacceptable. Nothing in the above policy removes the rights of any individual to contact the statutory authorities when they have concerns for the safety or welfare of a child or young person.

Working With Children
Every child and young person is an important member of the group or activity that they attend. They should feel welcomed and valued by the rest of the group, especially by all
the adults who have any leadership or supervisory role.

Children and young people have a right to feel safe when attending any activity. The 780 COACHING has a duty to ensure that children and young people are in the presence of adults who can be safely trusted by the children and young people, by their parents and by the authorities. Every activity shall have a nominated Responsible Person who has the duty of ensuring that the Policy for working with children is adhered to.

Registration. The Children Act 1989 makes specific reference to children under 8 and requires the following:

Where a activity is less than two hours per session there is an obligation to meet all necessary Health and Safety Regulations.
Where the activity is for more than two hours per session, in addition to the above, the activity must be registered with the appropriate body

Children and young people have a right to be protected from behaviour that is rough, hurtful, or sexually provocative. All adults in a leadership or supervisory role should be on the alert for bullying, scapegoating, or rejecting behaviour, or any other behaviour which is inappropriate.

In no circumstances should an adult be left alone with a child or young person.

Physical contact with a child or young person may be open to misunderstanding unless the message and context clearly put it beyond doubt. In situations of injury make sure that a supervisor knows that you are giving first aid to a young person.

If you are told of abusive words or actions that distress a child or young person or threaten their safety, follow this procedure..

  • Listen carefully and sympathetically
  • Be sure the child or young person knows their account will be taken seriously
  • Note who else was present
  • When the child or young person is calm, hand them into the care of another adult with whom they feel safe and secure
  • Write down exactly what was said and what you did with time and date
  • Immediately inform one the management committee who will advise what further action is required

Nothing in the above guidance removes the right of any individual to contact the statutory authorities when they have concerns for the safety of a child or young person.
Acceding to a request from a child, young person or adult to keep 'In confidence' information which may indicate a child is in an abusive, dangerous or frightening situation should always be avoided.

Health and Safety Policy

General Statement

780 coaching accepts responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work act, 1974, to ensure so far is reasonably practicable the health and safety of their members and volunteers/employees (known as staff) while in premises used by the project or on project business.
To this end 780 coaching will:

1. Provide so far is reasonably practicable a working environment, equipment and systems of work that are free from hazard and without risk of health.

2. Make arrangements for ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, safety and absence of risk to health in handling and storing articles and substances.

3. Provide such training and instructions, information and supervision, as is necessary to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable and health and safety at work of their volunteers/employees.

4. Ensure that the premises under the project’s control are maintained so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health and with adequate access and egress.

5. Make adequate arrangements so far as reasonably practicable for facilities and arrangements for volunteers/employees’ welfare at work.

6. Provide and maintain so far as reasonably practicable arrangements for the emergency evacuation of premises under their control in case of fire or other emergency.

Overall and final responsibility for health and safety in 780 coaching is that of the Committee.

All staff and volunteers and staff engaged in the activities of 780 coaching must be aware of their individual responsibility;

• To take reasonable care of their own health and safety and of the health and safety of their fellow colleagues who may be affected by their acts and omissions
• To co-operate with the senior staff in carrying out any duty or requirement imposed upon them under the Act.
• Not to interfere intentionally or recklessly with, or misuse anything provided in the interest of their health or welfare.
• Adhere to the minimum operating standards
• To notify a member of the committee immediately if they become aware of any health and safety issue.

Staff will render themselves liable to disciplinary action if they fail to adhere to the above policy or to health and safety general arrangements and instructions.

Equal Opportunities Policy

1. Vision Statement:

  •     The organisation is committed to promoting equal opportunities.
  •     The Organisation values diversity and encourages fairness and justice.
  •     The Organisation will combat discrimination throughout the organisation and will use its position of influence in the Borough, wherever possible, to help overcome discriminatory barriers.

2. In seeking to achieve this vision, the Organisation will strive to:

  •     Encourage equality of opportunity for all people and actively promote good relations.
  •     Eliminate any conditions, procedures and individual behaviour that can lead to discrimination even where there was no intent to discriminate, with particular regard to:
  •     Offer services fairly to all people, ensuring that anyone in contact with the organisation is treated with respect, making provision for those groups within the community whose needs and expectations are less well met.
  •     Comply with all legislation dealing with discrimination and the promotion of equality, following the codes of practice issued to support this legislation.
  •     Ensure all employment policies procedures, guidelines and circulars reflect and reinforce the Organisations' commitment to equality.
  •     Ensure mechanisms are in place for responding to complaints of discrimination and harassment from employees and the public.
  •     Encourage disadvantaged groups and individuals to participate in the community.
  •     Make this policy known to all Organisationlors, employees, job applicants, local citizens and partner organisations.
  •     Operate procurement practices and partnership arrangements that ensure others commissioned to provide services for the
  •     Organisation to have similar policies that cover equal opportunities.
  •     Periodically review the Equal Opportunities policy.

3. Responsibility

    The Equal Opportunities Policy is the responsibility of the Organisation’s Committee and will be adhered to as of 01.07.2012

4. Standards

  •     Comply with Equal Opportunities legislation.
  •     Promote the validity and equality of all opportunities e.g. that there is a strong business case for employers to recruit from the widest range of potential.
  •     Use language that is free from bias.
  •     Refuse to use or distribute materials which reinforce stereotypical images.

5. Staff Training

  • To develop an in-service training programme for all staff to promote awareness of equal opportunities issues and procedures which will lead to commitment to careers service policy and provide the appropriate skills to meet and deal with intolerance successfully.
  • 1. Induction programmes to include information concerning the Careers Service Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice.

2. Training to improve knowledge, understanding and confidence to challenge stereotypical and unlawful attitudes and behaviours.